Friends of the Haven

Recently, state funding and programming changes have impacted The Haven Mother’s House (now called Reflections for Women) and its parent organization, University of Colorado/Addiction Research and Treatment Services (ARTS). These changes have severely limited the referrals and intake of pregnant and parenting mothers into Reflections for Women.

Reflections for Women is getting referrals for mothers; however, many have babies who are already placed with relatives or in foster care.  Correspondingly, this has reduced the number of infants at the Baby Haven who are children of women in treatment.

During this time of severe shortage in childcare availability, the Baby Haven continues to provide a worthy service to the community. The Baby Haven is operating near capacity with children from the surrounding community, most of whom are principally low income and CCAP eligible. However, with few babies of mothers in treatment, the program is struggling to serve the original mission that Friends of the Haven was founded on; a residential substance abuse treatment program with a two-generational model for mothers residing with their infant children.

Due to this issue and ongoing discussions with ARTS regarding strategic planning and next steps, regrettably our annual fall Gala has been canceled this year. ARTS management is taking actions to address these challenges. Reflections for Women and the Baby Haven continue to need our assistance during this transitory period. In this regard, Friends of the Haven board members are supporting ARTS management in expanding connections with counties and community partners to increase referrals for pregnant or parenting mothers.

We encourage your continued contributions to The Baby Haven as it remains desperately needed for community families. As a reminder, contributions to Friends of the Haven designated for the Baby Haven will continue to receive the Child Care Contribution Tax Credit, and one hundred percent of funds designated for the Baby Haven go directly to the Baby Haven.

Reflections for Women continues to operate as a residential substance abuse treatment program for mothers, with some being pregnant or having custody of their children. Nine clients currently reside in the program, and a referral was recently received for a mother with a four-day old baby. Contributions are also encouraged for this valuable program.

We value the opportunity to partner with ARTS to increase referrals for pregnant and parenting women. These women will have infants in childcare at the Baby Haven during the day while their mothers are in treatment. We have the greatest respect for this quality program, its leadership, and the many dedicated staff who work there.

Click here to read a letter from Kristen Dixion, ARTS Executive Director.