Dear Friends,

This year has brought several unforeseen challenges to our organization. We have always advocated for women in recovery and have been passionate about the two-generational long term treatment approach at the Haven, Baby Haven, and Reflections for Women. The two-generational approach has successful restored the lives of severely addicted mothers and given their infant and toddler children the benefit of early childhood nurturing. Due to the challenges and obstacles this year has presented, the Board of Directors has made the difficult decision to close Friends of the Haven at the end of this year.

We are incredibly grateful for the amazing community of support we have created with you over the course of our 12-year history. Together with you and other supporters, we have accomplished many remarkable things for the women and babies that desperately needed a path to a more promising future.

You built a beautiful early childcare facility that continues to provide a nurturing and learning environment to low-income families in the surrounding community.

Over the 12-year period you restored the lives of approximately 250 women who successfully graduated from the program. These women had been destined for a life of dependence on drugs, crime, jail or prison and likely premature death. On satisfactory completing the Haven program 80 to 90 percent of them will lead a drug and crime free productive life. Many have gone on to remarriage with additional children, completed their educational goals, and started careers. Many are leaders in our communities.

The infant children of those that came to the Haven pregnant or with infant children enjoyed the benefit of a quality early childhood learning environment at the Baby Haven. These children are equipped with the same or better start in life as their contemporaries giving them the opportunity to successfully compete academically and socially as they progressed through school.

We have honored 11 women with the Rising Star award. These exemplary women continue to serve their community, have found successful employment, and have children who are succeeding in school.

  • Stephanie was a cocaine addict in her late forties facing felony conviction for theft and credit card identity theft when she was diverted to the Haven. She completed a 90-day treatment program and subsequently relapsed. Her mother abandoned the family, her siblings wouldn’t have anything to do with her, and her oldest son was in jail.  Since graduating the Haven in 2011 she has reunited with her siblings, her son has graduated from CCD with an Associated Degree in Business and Stephanie graduated from Metropolitan State with a bachelor’s degree in Human Services and is currently completing her master’s degree in counseling at the Univ. of Colorado in Denver. She is employed at CADREC addiction and family counseling.  https://www.rehab.com/cadrec
  • Patricia was pregnant facing 3 felony drug convictions when she came to the Haven, graduating in 2001. Today, 21 years later her daughter Bobbi Lynne born of an addicted mother in a drug treatment facility, is a graduate of Arizona State University. Patricia’s older son was reunited with her after completing the Haven and subsequently graduated from Adams State College with a double major in psychology and Sociology. Patricia has remarried, owns her own home and is a middle level manager at Jefferson County Government. Both Patricia and Bobbi have spoken at Friends of the Haven events.

These lives restored, along with those of Tammie, Kathy, Tamarha, Deborah, Julie, Dawn, Breanna, McKenzie and others are the reasons that we supported the Haven and Baby Haven.

The ARTS Reflections for Women and Baby Haven programs continue to provide important services to women and families in our community. For more information on how to continue to support the ARTS Haven Reflections for Women and Baby Haven programs and get involved, please visit https://www.artstreatment.com/get-involved/ways-to-give/.

We are tremendously grateful for all the ways you have supported the Haven programs through Friends of the Haven.

FOH Board of Directors

Please read the following update from ARTS.

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