1300 Washington Street Denver CO 80203 US

ou have arrived at The Episcopal Church in Colorado – made up of 96 worshiping communities and diocesan institutions. We have approximately 30,000 active members and we are growing strong!

However you got here, wherever you are in your faith journey, we hope to connect you with information and inspiration in the Holy Spirit. We take our call to God through Jesus Christ seriously, with joy and curiosity. What does that mean to us?

It means that we are followers of Jesus in a complex world where we explore the truth of our faith in community:

  • We are as followers of Jesus in our lives, every day.
  • We are here to bring the Kingdom of God to the complex, ambiguous, volatile, uncertain world of the 21st century.
  • From all of our different places on the spiritual path, we look for common ground.
  • We are open and welcoming to difference in all its beautiful manifestations and stand, as Jesus would, with the world.
  • We use discipleship, servanthood, and proclamation as our way.
  • Being Episcopalian means being involved. It does not mean we need to agree or be perfect.

In the words of our Presiding Bishop, Michael Curry, “We are part of the Jesus Movement, and he has summoned us to make disciples and followers of all nations and transform this world by the power of the Good News, the gospel of Jesus. I don’t care who you are, how the Lord has made you, what the world has to say about you, if you’ve been baptized into Jesus you’re in the Jesus Movement and you’re God’s.”

But wait, what if you don’t call yourself a follower of Jesus? That’s okay. You are welcome here; to explore, participate, learn, and grow. Your comments matter to us, and so is your faith formation. While this discipleship to Jesus is a defining characteristic of who we are, it does not exclude anyone from the conversation.