950 S. Cherry Street Suite 1100 Denver CO 80246 US

Advocacy Denver is a non-profit, civil right advocacy organization serving children, teens with disabilities and adults with developmental or intellectual disabilities — and their families.
Our Work
We provide an active voice to those seeking assistance, guidance, access and support in areas of education, health care, legal services, housing, transportation or financial guidance. Where other organizations focus on creating adaptive opportunities with existing programs or services, we concentrate on listening and providing support based on the individual’s needs, choices or objectives.
Our primary goal is to help individuals and families secure the specific opportunities they are seeking while simultaneously working with other organizations and government agencies to create policy change for the constituents we serve.
We work directly with adults and children to help them face a wide variety of personal challenges related to developmental or intellectual disabilities. We also fight for them on a systemic level, providing counsel and recommendations for Colorado policymakers who can positively impact our constituency.
We offer comprehensive solutions that help individuals with disabilities find the right balance of support and independence for fulfilled, satisfying lives. As the individuals, families and organizations with whom we work find confidence, self-respect and accomplishment, our communities benefit and thrive.
Our History
Advocacy Denver, a local affiliate of the Arc National organization, was originally known as “The Arc of Denver.” The organization was founded in 1954 by a group of parents of children with cognitive disabilities and was one of the first Arcs in the United States. The Arc of Denver formally changed its name to Advocacy Denver in 2009. Since its inception, Advocacy Denver has been fully committed to ensuring that Denver County residents with intellectual or developmental disabilities and their families have access to integrated supports and systems that ensure that they are able to lead healthy, active lives in the community.
What is “Advocacy”?
Advocacy is defined by princeton.edu as the active support of an idea or cause, etc.; especially the act of pleading or arguing for something. Here at Advocacy Denver, we support our constituents by listening to and learning about their individual needs and by assisting them in navigating the complex systems of available benefits.