Who We Are & What We Do
ALIGHT is a 501(c)(3) startup nonprofit based in Colorado that connects human trafficking survivors to an army of lawyers through innovative technology. Our team is comprised of a dedicated group of professional volunteers with expertise in law, technology and human trafficking.
ALIGHT believes in unlocking a fresh start for survivors of human trafficking. We strive to create a world where every survivor connects to a mobilized legal network to rebuild and thrive. Through innovative technology, we connect survivors to an army of pro bono lawyers who help survivors overcome legal problems so they can achieve justice on their own terms – whether that means child custody, clear criminal records or resolved identity theft – to have a path out of the cycle of violence and vulnerability that entraps them.

PO Box 18951 Denver, CO 80218

Blue Bench is focused on eliminating sexual assault and diminishing its impact by providing issue advocacy, prevention, and care.

325 N. El Paso St, Colorado Springs, CO 80903

The Center on Fathering provides materials and training for fathers exiting the prison system or with past issues of domestic violence. Call or write to enroll in a class.

1330 Fox St., Suite 3 Denver, CO 80204

The Colorado Coalition Against Domestic Violence is not a direct service organization, but they will provide connections to local domestic violence programs.

1330 Fox St., Suite 2 Denver, CO 80204

CCASA provides information and services for victims and survivors of sexual assault.

About Us

History & Purpose

The Colorado Coalition Against Sexual Assault (CCASA) was founded in 1984 as a 501(c)3 nonprofit to be the collective voice of rape crisis advocates across the state of Colorado. Today, our membership includes over 100 sexual assault survivors, victim advocates, rape crisis centers, dual domestic violence and sexual assault programs, law enforcement agencies, prosecutors, public health agencies, college and university campuses, medical professionals, offender treatment programs, public officials, as well as other organizations and concerned individuals throughout Colorado. As a statewide coalition, CCASA supports our members, partners, and the broader community through technical assistance, training, information and referrals, educational materials, statewide systems change, and public policy education and advocacy.

Mission Statement

CCASA provides leadership, advocacy, and support to address and prevent sexual violence.

Our Vision

Colorado communities promote safety, justice, and healing for survivors and foster healthy, respectful, consensual interactions.

540 South 1st Street, Montrose, CO 81401

Hilltop Tri-County Resources provides counseling, advocacy, and shelter for adults and children who are victims of domestic violence and sexual assault,

PO Box 161810 Austin, Texas 78716

The National Domestic Violence Hotline is available 24/7. They provide intervention, safety planning, information, and agency referrals.

The Rose Andom Center is a place for domestic violence victims to find the safety, support, and services needed to rebuild their lives and heal their families.

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