About Friends of the Haven

Our mission is to provide financial and volunteer support to further the activities of The Haven and the Baby Haven, whose charter is to provide a safe, empowering, and enriching environment for women and their infants and small children.

 Our Role

For nearly fifteen years, Friends of the Haven (FOH) has partnered with Addiction Research and Treatment Services (ARTS) to enhance philanthropic support for The Haven and The Baby Haven Child Care Center. The Haven and the Baby Haven programs are designed to further the abilities of women from across Colorado who are in treatment at the Haven, as they work to break the cycle of substance use disorders, as well as provide children with a strong foundation for a healthy future. We work cooperatively with the community to provide funding and volunteers for any and all activities supporting these outcomes.

Friends of the Haven is a 501(c)(3) organization founded in 2007 by Bill Winn, a retiring small business founder/owner. He founded this organization with the initial purpose of soliciting funds in order to provide basic personal items and amenities for the women and children at the Haven. His wife, Kathryn, was volunteering at the Haven Mother’s House helping care for the babies and recognized the needs of the mothers and babies and also the success of the program. The same year, Friends of the Haven Board and Staff worked with ARTS to begin planning for a high quality early childhood center to be located on the Fort Logan campus. Over the next few years, they worked tirelessly to secure funding for construction of the Baby Haven, which opened in Spring 2011.  

Friends of the Haven initiated the annual Rising Star awards program in 2011 to recognize graduates that continue to give back to the recovering community and have achieved continuing success in recovery. We also established an Education Endowment in 2014 to provide academic scholarships for addicted women who have successfully completed a residential addiction treatment program and desire to give back to the recovery community.

 Friends of the Haven continues to advocate for and fundraise for The Haven and The Baby Haven programs to provide direct support of the Baby Haven, to fill funding gaps at the Haven, and to provide treatment scholarships to clients completing the program. 

The Haven Programs 

The Haven’s and the Baby Haven’s goal is to be a place where women can recover from addictions and co-occurring mental illness; deliver healthy, drug-free infants (if pregnant); improve parenting skills and receive quality early educational services for their children; maintain and build upon cultural and family connections as sources of social support; and become self-sufficient, confident, and productive members of our community.

If you or someone you know would like information on Addiction Research and Treatment Services, including The Haven programs, please visit https://www.artstreatment.com/