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Campital Campaign Progress Report September 2009

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Comprehensive Campaign For a New
Baby Haven at Ft. Logan
September 2009 Progress Report

Fund Raising

Friends of the Haven has received cash commitments toward the Comprehensive Campaign for a new Baby Haven in the amount of $1,554,749.

We are grateful to these participating foundations; Anschutz Foundation, Bonfils-Stanton Foundation, Bright Horizons Foundation, Caring for Colorado Foundation, Chambers Family Fund, Daniels Fund, Denver Foundation, Gary-Williams Foundation, Gates Family Foundation, Keller Family Fund, LARRK Foundation, The Marquez Foundation, Rose Community Foundation, Temple Hoyne Buell Foundation and Wells Fargo Foundation. The support from Colorado based foundations in spite of severely limited budgets is marvelous. We are most fortunate and very grateful.

Intergroup Architects, Monroe-Newell Engineering, Jansen Strawn, Cal Veda Survey, Beaudin Ganz, Meuran Design, CTL Thompson, Array Fencing, Holland & Hart, and Hein Associates have generously provided additional in-kind donations in the amount of $74,940. We will be building on the Ft. Logan campus on state land valued at $500,000.

Cash, in kind donations, and land total $2,129,679 or 58.0% of the total project budget of $3,675,000.

Grant requests are pending with six additional foundations in the total amount of $239,430. Also there are on going discussions preparatory to application submittals with several other foundations.

We recently initiated our campaign for individual and corporate gifts with a goal of $750,000 from these sources. In a special campaign, to create Places for Babies, we are seeking 30 individual donors to contribute $20,000 each to assure a permanent place for one of the 30 infants in the new Baby Haven. Gifts from these donors will be recognized in a unique and personal display near the front entry of the building. A special collage of frames will be designed and built to hold portraits of each baby in residence at the Baby Haven, along with the name of the donor who made a place for this baby through his or her gift. As babies leave and new babies come, the portraits will be changed out in the display. The photographs will honor our babies and those friends who supported this new Baby Haven through their $20,000 gifts.

This “30X20 campaign,” as we call it, will provide $600,000 of the goal from individuals and corporations. The Colorado Child Care Contribution Credit along with Federal Income Tax Deduction results in a net cost to the donor of only $6,000. Four 30 x 20 commitments totaling $80,000 have been received to date.

Design and Project

The Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment (ESA 1) revealed trace levels (less than 1%) of asbestos in the soil resulting from demolition of an old building on the building site in the 1970’s. Intergroup Architects, together with Saunders Construction, developed a detailed estimate of current construction costs for the building. The removal and disposal of the contaminated soil adds $160,000 to the cost of the building, which almost exactly absorbed the savings resulting from currently lower project construction costs. The original project budget still holds true as a good estimate.

Based on the current construction cost estimate, we need additional cash commitments totaling $600,000 to $700,000 to initiate final design and construction of the building.

Additional Comments:

Meltdown of financial markets was not anticipated at the start of the campaign in spring of 2008. The impact on foundation and individual assets has slowed the pace of the capital campaign. We, like most in the non-profit community, are working harder for more donations and grants but for lesser amounts.

The Colorado Child Care Contribution Tax Credit is not expected to be available in 2010, as Colorado state general fund revenues will not meet a required 6% growth forecast. We are urging all individuals, corporations, and foundations with taxable income to take advantage of this credit before year-end.

The National Center for Addiction and Substance Abuse at Columbia University, recently issued a report that in 2005 federal, state, and local government spending as a result of substance abuse and addiction was at least $467.7 Billion; that amounted to 10.7% of the combined federal and state $4.4 Trillion budgets. The startling figure is that of every dollar of federal and state spent on substance abuse and addiction, 95.6 cents went to cleaning up the wreckage of the results of drug abuse and addiction. 1.9 cents was spent on prevention and treatment, the remaining 2.5% on research, regulation, and interdiction. You can find the complete report at

We extend our grateful appreciation to those listed Board Members and the Honorary Advisory Board listed below.

Thank you for your continued interest and support of the Haven and this project.

It is your support that makes this possible.

Board of Directors Honorary Advisory Board
Bob Bardwell Michele Bloom
Ingrid Binswanger Carol Boigon
Cecelia Mascarenas Juanita Chacon
Peggy Montano Roger Cisneros
Christine Staberg Anna Jo Haynes
Harold Tyber Maureen Keller
Bob Wing Dottie Lamm
Bill Winn Pamela Mackey
  Brad Martin
  Cec Ortiz

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