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Friends of the Haven

In pursuit of its mission, Friends of the Haven will provide the Haven and Baby Haven with resources that help women break the cycle of drug and alcohol dependence.  These women will maintain long-term sobriety in safe and stabel environments, fostering personal and familial success.  

Friends of the Haven work cooperatively with the community to provide funding for the Haven/Baby Haven activities that support positive outcomes for women and children.  Understanding that these activities are not funded by other sources, Friends of the have strives to provide support for:

  • psychological services
  • developmental services
  • educational services
  • vocational services
  • treatment scholarships

Friends of the Haven will also support research to foster best practices and fund capital needs, elements which contribute to the success of The Haven/Baby Haven.

The organization is headed by Bill Winn, President. He is supported by the Board of Directors and works closely with the Haven Staff

How Can I Help

Friends of the Haven can use your support. Volunteers, monetary donations and donation of services are all appreciated. For more information contact , Executive Administrator, Friends of the Haven.