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Program Details

The Haven’s Modified Therapeutic Community, MTC, is a highly structured, scientifically supported treatment model that encompasses progressive phases. They include:

Orientation (Approximately 30 days)

• Assessment

• Treatment planning

• Motivational counseling

• Program philosophy

Phase I (Approximately three months)

• Develop and strengthen problem-solving skills

• Identify and address behavioral problems

• Acquire pro-social attitudes and values

Phase II (Approximately three months)

• Address issues related to substance abuse, including trauma and gender-specific concerns

• Reconnect with family members and participation in family groups

• Identify community support groups

Transitional (Approximately three to six months)

• Emphasis on re-socialization

• Increase contact with community [employment, school, support and leisure activities]

• Re-socialization skills training

• Money management

• Employment placement and monitoring