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Baby Haven


Baby HavenThe Baby Haven provides specialized daycare for infants whose mothers are in residential substance abuse treatment at The Haven. The staff supports mothers in treatment by enhancing the children’s physical, emotional and cognitive growth. In order to allow mothers to attend treatment groups, the daycare is open from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. and provides care for up to 15 infants. The daycare is unique, in that mothersvisit the daycare to feed their children lunch and are provided the opportunity to bond and interact with their children. During this time, mothers receive nutritional guidance from staff and are able to meet individually with staff to address their children’s issues and receive parental guidance. In addition, mothers participate in a weekly parenting education group and a parent/child interaction group. These groups are facilitated by an infant mental health team that consists of a licensed psychologist and a post-doctoral fellow. Each child is provided with developmental assessments at six-month intervals. The daycare staff assists each child in meeting and exceeding their developmental milestones.

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