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Fort Logan Campus

The Haven:

Capacity: 38 beds for women

Description: The Haven is a 24-hour intensive residential program for women who have substance abuse issues, including those who are involved in the criminal justice system. The program serves  women for a period of 12-15 months. There are four phases to the program beginning with Orientation which lasts approximately 30 days. The client then progresses through Phase I, Phase II and finally the Transitional Phase. After the transitional phase of treatment, the client progresses to OTC for 1 year to continue their overall transition into the community. Safety, empowerment, structure and support are key to the environment and each individual client.

The Haven Mother's House:

Capacity: 26 beds for pregnant and post partum women and thier infants

Description: Women who receive services through the mother’s house must either be pregnant or have an infant in their care. The Mother’s Houses provide a stable, safe, and drug free environment to allow women to overcome the behaviors that led them to a lifestyle of addiction and crime. Clients are given an opportunity to learn different ways to cope with their feelings and are taught how to make appropriate choices. Many women do not seek treatment due to the fact that they are fearful of what will happen to their children. At the Haven Mother’s House operates with the philosophy that it is critical that a mother be with her infant as she progresses through treatment. The Haven children are the heart of the program and allow the mother to experience love, care and parenting in a substance free environment.

Baby Haven: 

Capacity:41 infants and young children (16 infants, 10 toddlers, and 15 early preschool children)

Description: Baby Haven is a licensed childcare facility that provides child care for; infants and toddlers whose mothers are in residential substance abuse treatment at The Haven; children whose parents have successffully completed the ARTS residential treatment programs, ARTS staff members, CCAP and private pay families from the community. It is open from 6 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. and serves children from 6 weeks (2 weeks for infants in residence) through 5 years   Baby Haven has low child to staff ratios, a state of the art, build green building, classes led by Certified Early Childhood Teachers and uses evidence based curriculums.  Children recieve engagement in social and emotional development, infant massage, signlanguage, "Bookbabies" story time with Denver Public Library, quarterly family activities, music and movement and much more. 

Denver Women's Correctional Facilty Therapeutic Community

Capacity: 72 Women

Description: The Haven Operates Challenge to Change behild the prison walls at the Denver Women's Correctional Facility.  This program is a modified therapeutic community that is specifically designed to address the issues of a femal offender as they relate to substance abuse, mental health, and criminal behavior. Other issues addressed include relationships, family and parenting. The program utilizes Seeking Safety and SSC. 


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