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Treatment at the Haven

The Haven is one of four major clinical programs that form the core of the Addiction Research and Treatment Services (ARTS) program. This program is part of the Department of Psychiatry, Division of Substance Dependence, at the University of Colorado Denver.

The Haven Families

The Haven benefits from this association as it provides access to psychiatrists, psychologists and other mental health and substance abuse professionals to an extent that is highly unusual for a publicly funded treatment provider. Second, the research endeavors that emanate from this relationship are nationally recognized and consistently help to improve the effectiveness of our services, assuring that they are grounded in methods that have scientific support.

Haven programs are approved Access to Recovery (ATR) providers.  We provide evaluations, treatment, and many recovery support services.  If you are under 25 or have used methamphetamines ATR may be able to pay for your substance abuse treatment or other services you need such as transportation, medications, or childcare.  Please contact 303-953-4053 or 1-888-227-3616 if you would like to be assessed to see if you qualify for ATR.

However, The Haven is not financially supported by the University of Colorado; it contracts with University medical professionals that provide support for our program. Donations to the Haven are vital and are used to help support the needs of infants and educational programming as there is no funding stream dedicated to those programs.

Mission and Vision

Haven Mother’s House and Haven Mother’s House II Vision Statement

The Haven Mothers House Vision is to change and influence social policy and societal attitudes towards the treatment of addiction by eliminating the long term incarceration of pregnant women who suffer from substance abuse disorders. The Haven Mother’s House strives to interrupt the intergenerational pattern of substance abuse; positively impact the mother and her children’s quality of life; and end the social consequences and costs of addiction.

Services Offered:

The program offers a holistic, culturally sensitive, and integrated approach to substance abuse treatment. [Detailed list of services>>]


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